Thursday, June 10, 2010

She's a's science

I'm so sick of hearing about Lady Gaga being a hermaphrodite.  Anyone with 2 eyes and a 5th grade education can see that she CLEARLY has the skeletal structure of a female (No offense, Zibbsy).  This is my attempt at proving my point.  Two points actually, the second one I have firmly believed for a LONG time...but I'll get to that in a bit.

Here is the skeletal system of a man:

This is the skeletal system of a woman:

In case you didn't take Bio, allow me to fill you in on the differences between the two, as you will need to know them later in this blog.
MALE:  Narrow, robust, heavy, rough
Pelvic inlet is heart shaped

FEMALE:  Broad, light, smooth
Pelvic inlet oval to round shape
See?  The female pelvis is on the left, clearly.  You can most easily tell by the pelvic inlet.  See how much wider it is?  That's where the peni and babies enter and exit, hopefully in that order. 

Now that we have that out of the way, check out these pictures of the fabulous Gaga

She has the natural curves and hips of a female.  Notice that her panties are held UP by her hips.  Even though she is petite, she still has an hourglass figure, whereas men are usually more broad across the shoulder and narrow in the hips.  Her body structure alone is enough to convince me but I'll go furthur here in case you aren't convinced yet.

Even if I COULD see a small bulge here, you tell me....WHERE ARE THE BALLS?  So, I'm supposed to believe that she has a frank and no beans?  Yeah, ok.

If she has a frank (with no beans, apparently) how does she have cameltoe?

This brings me to the second point that I mentioned in the beginning of this. In proving that Gaga is a woman, I have also proven my long standing theory that Pink is, indeed, a man.  (It should be said that this photo is flattering to her chest because she really doesn't have anything happening there in real life.)  Notice the V shaped muscles leading directly to her narrow hips.  Any woman who has looked at an underwear model has followed that trail and they know EXACTLY what I'm getting at here.

What's that?  You need a comparison?  Allow me...

I rest my case.  There is no mistaking what's happening here.  Lady Gaga is a woman and there's a dick in Pink's skirt.

Tune in for next weeks blog topic - Do bugs have butts?



  1. But what if I'm a cyclops with a 4th grade education?

    And that first skeleton showing the dude's junk is sick. (And I mean sick in the old school way - not in the new hipster way).

  2. and HAHA. DO bugs have butts?

  3. LOL It's not sick, it's science. I had so much fun writing this one.

  4. I believe you can use the same argument to make the case that Mick Jagger is a woman :-)

  5. I believe you. Lady Gaga is most likely a woman ... a nice one >:)

    Cold As Heaven

  6. Yeah but you're the first skeleton doctor I've seen that shows the dude's junk on the skeleton.

    Dat ain't right.

  7. HAHAHAHA You can barely see it! Trust me, I had pics that were worse. :P

  8. Despite my lack of interest in LGG (though that third pic did bring out the caveman in me)she is very much a woman according to sources close to me in the entertainment industry.
    Plus your argument, though a bit clunky does come out trumps over naysayers and doubters.
    On the other hand we have the abomination that is Pink.
    I can confirm Pink is a bloke because I helped do the load-in for her gig in Melbourne.
    Busting for an empty half way through the job I went to the VIP crapper and who was standing in front of me in the MENSROOM stall shaking his/her frank off going 'aaah...that's better...'? 'She' saw me as she turned around, squealed and scurried off to her dressing room (probably to tuck her tic tac back under and put on some strong support briefs.
    As an aside who is that hairless freak at the bottom of your post??
    Oh and bugs? I reckon they have butts. I was unfortunate enough to have a fly let rip a butt cheek rippling fart on me just yesterday.
    Now that is something I will never forget.
    Fantastic post!!!!

  9. did you see her when she was on boiling points on MTV in 2005? She was so hot then!

    Youtube it!

    Then youtube how bizarre (for fun!).

  10. Mr C - I you tube How Bizarre all the time now. hahaha I'm still waiting for the deets of his death?

    Dan - you are hilarious. :) lol

  11. Aw shux, I am only the scientist observing what I see in the test tube as such. To have it as fact I will need independent verification plus all those science thingys like testability, repeatability and predictability.
    I reckon we nail down one of Pinky's bodyguards and torture him with feather boas until he coughs up the facts.
    As for this Zibbs character, well, I will deal with him later.

  12. Okay so this comment is for the post on top there.... THanks for sharing it, I was laughing so hard at the one with the student. After she scares the poor teacher or whaever the garbage falls and she topples back. EPIC

  13. Annah - HAHA I was literally CRYING while I watched those! The mere thought of them makes me giggle! Thanks for reading!