Friday, May 14, 2010

I know it's hard to believe...

But I can be super awkward.

Allow me to share a short story with you about an experience I had with an old manager.

Manager was a really nice guy and very easygoing. I had put together a presentation for him and was going over it in his office. At one point I needed to lean over his desk to look at a report and my orange tic tac fell out of my mouth onto his desk. So many things went through my mind within a millisecond. My spit covered tic tac was on his desk, waiting for me to do something. Knowing the nearest trash can was behind his desk and getting to it would probably prolong this agony I simply picked it up and put it back in my mouth! Then I rubbed up the spit with my fingers and said "Sorry!! Pretend you didn't see that!" I was fumbling...I had literally NO CLUE what to do or say. He was cool about it thankfully and just laughed it off while I blushed and nearly died of embarassment. Why does my mouth always have to be hanging open anyway?! UGH! I think he sort of expected the craziness from me when I shrieked and carried on after a bug landed on my desk on his first day. Anyway, these things happen to everyone. Right??



  1. was that dc smarty ones >>>??

  2. this was before the DC era. :)

  3. That's the kind of things that happens from time to time. I would just laughed if I were him >:)

    Cold As Heaven

  4. Yeah, I pull some real howlers but I won't go into it hear. You may want to read an old post of 'The dumbest things I've done'.
    That said though I was standing over a female colleagues desk one day trying to prove to her that I was the 'man for the job' and that I needed to be promoted.
    The groin to face distance was acceptable (1 metre), but close enough to show that I was serious.
    After she said yeah, I could have the job, I wandered off thinking I was sooo cool.
    As a parting gesture as I stood near the elevator she yelled out to me, real loud 'Hey Dan, nice undies!!'
    I looked down and my fly was undone.

  5. I meant 'here'. See? I am still nervy about it. It afexx my spalling stil

  6. Cold as heaven - thanks for reading :)

  7. OH and Dan - as always you have me cracking up over here!! HAHAHA I love it!

  8. I bet he licked that spot on the table after you left!

  9. One time my manager was standing over me in a meeting and she dripped on me. Not sure if it was from her mouth or nose. But I was so embarrassed for her I tried to ignore it then I was going to discreetly wipe it off but she was like, "Oh my God. I'm so sorry"