Friday, May 28, 2010

Happy Memorial Day!

I was sitting here thinking about the upcoming Memorial Day weekend and how proud I am to be an American. I personally support several soldiers overseas who are fighting for our freedom and don't take it for granted for a single second.  I wish there was more I could do but as one person, I do what I can.  Anyway, then I started thinking about protesters.  I'm glad there are people out there in the world that care so passionately about the current events and legislature that shape our communities.  It's not that I don't care... it's just that I believe it should be done in an intelligent manner, and really, I don't know enough about most things to protest for them. Unless we're talking Twilight.  Then I say TEAM EDWARD!  No, but really.  Here are some examples.

Maybe you wanna consider how it's spelled before you INSIST that you have such strong feelings about Euthanasia.  Just a thought.  Not that a youth in Asia COULDN'T kill my grandmother...but, I'm just saying it's more likely cancer will, expecially since we're in America, not Asia.  PS - My Grandparents are already dead.  Thanks for bringing it up.

I can't even articulate what I think about this sign.  Well done, Mayor.  Well done.  Competition for the mayoral campaign must have been stiff.

Someone should tell this woman that English IS our official language and that there are courses at the local grade school that she can take. 

Yeah, Morans.  What he said.

God isn't supposed to hate anyone, from what I hear?  Isn't HE the one who is supposed to judge, not you?? Also, lady, maybe try to look like less of a vampire when you are persecuting others.  For the record, I bet the "Fags" think god hates you for that outfit.  Further, involving children in this kind of hate is inexcusable.  No one takes you seriously except for the other nut job extremists with your beliefs.  Also, there is a special place in heaven for the guy who photobombed this.  Awesome!

Finally, this sign is vulgar.  Have some couth for heavens sake.  She is probably a feminist too.  Man, I can't stand feminists.

Ok, I'm done.  In summary, boo for vag flashers, yay for fag loving photobombers and beware of the youth in Asia, you Morans.  Oh and Happy Memorial Day!  Go USA.

I really hope all of my grammar is correct in this post.  If it's not, don't tell me.



  1. I can't get past Youth in Asia. Jeezuz.

  2. omg......good thing the "bush" one is the last one...because that's where i stopped reading and started laughing hysterically.....

    btw...theres a special place in hell for anyone who instills that kind of hate in children. repulsive.

  3. Yes the sistem is prity fukd if no one can spall.
    Maybe thay was just not born smart. Or thay were born dum.
    Either way thay do signs rong and that leeds to the rong idear.
    I like vaginars by the way x