Friday, April 2, 2010

Quirks for days...

Since this blog is still relatively new, I thought I would share some fun facts about myself with you, my beloved readers. Vain, isn't it?

Some of the admissions below are just odd quirks and some are just tales of a misspent youth. If you have any (you KNOW you do), tell me about them, I wanna know that I'm not the only crazy, quirky person in this city.

1) When I go up steps, I count them in my head...always. I hate when they are odd.

2) Once I tried to pimp my friend Karen out to meet The Roots. In hindsight, drinking Moet out of the bottle with four large men we didn't know on a street corner in Philly was NOT the best idea. I stick with the belief that if shit went down, my street smarts would have saved us. Anyway, we didn't meet them so it was all for nothing.

3) I saw the Jackson 5 in concert twice when I was a kid (like, 5) and I cried through the beginning of the show BOTH times because they were dressed like monsters and I was scared.

4) I can't stop reading a book in the middle of a chapter. But, I will finish a chapter and then not read the rest of the book... ?

5) I sometimes like to make up stories when I'm out drinking and once had one guy convinced that I had a boyfriend in prison for murder AND that I was part African American. I'm 100% Irish but pointed out one tiny, very dark freckle. He bought it. Unbelievable. (Probably one of the reasons I'm still single.)

I've got a few more but I don't wanna give it all up at once ;)

What are some of your oddities/quirks? Let's get em all out and see where this goes. Ready? Set? Comment box... GO!



  1. Now whose quarks are these? Alice or Betsy? Or a combo of both.

    I have an hour to kill at work. Thanks for giving me something to do. Random facts about me...

    1. I eat raw macaroni. Straight out of the box. I've done it since I was a kid. Don't judge me.

    2. I have an online persona that is a Mongoose. A hot little one. Perhaps you've heard of me.

    3. (Because I think all lists need at least 3 things) I once met Daniel Radcliffe from the Harry Potter movies. About 3 hours before I saw him in Equus where he gets all nekkid. My one and only run-in with fame. (Until I meet Dr. Zibbs, of course.)

  2. HAHAHA Well, unless Zibbs got nekkid, he doesn't top Harry Potter.

    It's Alice, btw. :) Betsy is relatively normal. lol

  3. Hm, okay, I'll bite (also your newest follower!)

    1. I have 11 toe nails. My little toe on my right foot is a little wide the the nails grow independently of each other.

    2. I talk about really inappropriate things on my blog mostly b/c I don't want to be pidgeon holed as a mommy blogger.

    3. And my proud famous run-in was with Ben Harper. He told me I had a great ass and that I needed a real man to take care of it. Aah, and a handful of beautiful MLB players. You don't want to mess around w/ Mark Mcgwire.

  4. Welcome to my blog :) I hope you like it! I love inappropriate things so I'll definitely go check your blog out right now!

  5. Ok, one thing I do all the time with glasses, plates, silverware, etc., is once I use something and then it is clean, it has to go to the back or underneath the pile. Why?! I don't want the same ones being used over and over. I legitimately feel bad for the ones that don't get used. You know, because they have feelings and everything. :)

  6. ROFL!! Linda - I love it! I can understand that! ~A

  7. Oh this one gave me a chuckle, a snicker then a full-blown guffaw.
    That's not crazy, you want crazy read my 'dumbest things Ive done' blog.
    Anyway no, you don't get the men in white coats chasing you round with a butterfly net, just a cackle.
    It's eccentricity my dearest. Mind you some people define eccentric differently though. Some view it as a welcome aside from the humdrum of our regimented lives, others however view it as being a few stops away from the isolated hamlet of raging insanity.
    I myself take the former view.
    I can let you in on a secret, don't tell anybody ok?
    When I get dressed (if I decide to that is) I must put on my socks before I put my strides on, rather than the 'normal' way of putting your socks on last.
    And yes it is quite a sight
    I don't know where it came from

  8. Oh yeah I forgot. I used to eat my mummy's lipstick. She had this brown one and me and my sister reckoned it was chocolate.
    She couldn't work out what was happening until she walked in on us, both faces covered in lipstick.
    Of course we said it wasn't us and ran like the devil was loose.
    We copped a good caning when she finally caught us.

  9. HAHAHA Dan - You are the best! My new fav internet buddy, for sure! :) Hope you are having a good weekend & recovered from the other days hangover! haha xo. ~A

  10. Aww shucks you are too kind. Yes the imbibition (fuck that was hard to spell) of tequila and other liquids of lasciviousness did have its toll, but you know, the rock n roll life demands it.
    Muchas gracias for your concern xo

  11. I count stairs, too! Only to remember how many there were when I come back down (I have a fear of falling down stairs and want to make sure I don't skip one).

    I'm also crazy about which direction the toilet paper comes off the roll - to the point that I change it in other people's bathrooms.

  12. Hey. Where did my comment go from the other day? The comment was:

    Cuckoo. Cuckoo.

    Please try to be normal. Like me.

  13. I ALWAYS count steps - going up OR down (I maximize my quirks)!

    I take a special pleasure if I've started a set of regularly traveled stairs and I've forgotten to tart counting, and then I guess where I am and I'm right when I reach the end of the steps...

    Is that weird? Do I need to go visit a shrink? Can I secretly hope he has stairs to his office that I can count?

    I also love it when I get a chance to size up a set of stairs and guess how many steps there are before I begin my accent/descent. And if I'm right, then it's time to celebrate (in my mind, of course... not outwardly)!

    ...hoo boy~