Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Like a prayer...but not

I'm pretty much an open book but there are some things I like to keep somewhat private in blogland. I try not to expose friends and family often because...well, maybe they don't wanna be online. Anyway, I thought you should all meet my dad, Father Kelly.

He's the funniest guy on Twitter (@FatherKelly). Don't believe me? This is a recent post -

@FatherKelly: It doesn't get any sweeter than giving an old lady an evil stare down while sitting in your car blasting "Welcome to the Jungle".

Check out this pic of Dad and I at a recent wedding:

Man, that was a great wedding.

Here's dad and I out at a comedy show. He insisted on dressing as greenman. I think he took pics with a million people that night. Sometimes it's hard living in his shadow. That night I finally understood why Jacob Dylan always looks so pissy.

Finally, here is a pic of Dad tailgating at the Def Leppard concert. Because nothing says family bonding like beers and Def Leppard.

Hope you enjoyed this look into my life. Hopefully the good Father won't be pissed that I plastered his face all over the blog.

PS - this is all a joke, I wouldn't post pics of my parents on here. But seriously, @FatherKelly is hilarious on Twitter and you can read more from him here:

(Huge thanks to Dan at for the photoshopping!!)


  1. That's hilarious. I especially like the greenman pic.

  2. Hahahahhahaaaa!!!!

    Excellent. Your Dad is great!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. This. Is. Hysterical.

    And Dan is a Photoshop genius.

  4. My two fave baloggahs are back in the schwing of things....huzzah!!
    Hey don't tell your pop about this, but he has a dirigible sized head in that first pic.
    I do like the skin tight little green thing he is sporting in pic no. 2. I have an orange one and love the sheer, spandex like feel it has on my body. It makes me feel very sexy.
    Maybe if your nice I will model it for you...
    Oh and pic no.3, that is a classic, looking all buff n stuff.
    Anyway, umm....oh damn forgot what I was going to say.
    Keep on writing ladies, I adore your work x

  5. omg....this is ssooooo funny!!

    I love the pic of your dear ol' dad tailgated @ def leppard. my dad made fun of me when i went...oh, to only have an AWESOME dad such as your's!