Monday, December 14, 2009

Why does this happen?

Most of the time, I'm a very happy and upbeat person. There are not many things that I take seriously. There ARE, however, a few things that happen in life that I really wish would NOT happen.

#1 - Men in sweatpants in public. Why does this happen? Do I want to see your business bouncing around your pants when I'm out trying to run my errands?? If I have to wear a bra in public you need to wear underwear or different pants. Just think before you leave the house, that's all I'm asking. That goes for the 400lb people in lycra and half tops also. I see you.

#2 - People who decorate their cars for the holidays. This morning I saw a little white car with a HUGE Menorah on top of it complete with lit bulbs. I mean, is that really necessary?? Can't you just put it in your window at home and call it a day? Do I really have to suffer down the highway wondering if it's going to fly off the roof of your car and impale me?? Last week I saw SANTA CLAUS driving in a white chevy cavalier and even HE didn't have a bunch of crap all over his car. Just. Stop. Please.

Ok, I have vented enough for now. But seriously, am I wrong? LOL It's been a long, strange day.



  1. Um, I came to read your blog and I see the first picture. This is something I wish never to see again, ever, in this blog. :)

  2. HAHAHA I know! It was literally the ONLY pic I could find to describe what I'm talking about. :P

  3. You did NOT see a Menorah!!! And if you did, why didn't you take a picture or throw an egg.

  4. ROFL!! I DID see it Zibbs. It was too fast for me to get a pic. I'm be looking for him tho, I DO want a pic of that mess. hahahaha Also, just to be funny, I think I'll tell him some of his bulbs are out. :P

  5. ..and this post gave me the idea for my first Tweet of the day about the Kwanza pinecone. Thanks for the inspiration.

  6. Not sure Betsy would approve of that picture on her blog either... I'm telling! :)

  7. Zibbs - I saw that tweet and I was cracking up!

    Linda - I can't believe you would drop the dime on a fellow Prendie alum. Shameless. hahahaha

  8. Oh goodness gracious me, trackpants in public are wrong wrong wrong especially on men. I wear them but in the privacy of my own home where my dangly bits are free to bounce around happily, but when in public I wear PANTS, not those freesnaking monstrosities.
    So, you are not wrong. Im so sorry you had to witness such a sartorial savagery.
    Now with decorations on cars....puhleeeze! I had the experience during Australia day of seeing loads of cars zipping round with Aussie Flags on the bonnet. It reminded me of those nazi cars. And yes around Xmas all these budalas decorate their vehicles like they are sleighs. Truly atrocious, so I'm hearing you there girl.
    Well spotted and funny post