Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Sex Grandma

If you have never caught a snippet of Sue Johansson (aka The Sex Grandma) then you are missing out.

She's here to answer the worlds dumbest sex questions. I love her camera changes (not evident in this video) in the short episodes on demand at the Oxygen network.

My sister in law and I stumbled upon these "shorts" accidentally one day while looking for something to watch on tv. Take a gander at this video and you will fall in love with this elderly little firecracker. :P



  1. One more thing for all of you who are laughing, Athlete's genitals is nothing to joke about people.

    And yes, I know I said "all of you" and only like 3 people read this blog. Whatever. haha


  2. omg i love this lady!!! haha!!! i need to find more of this!!

  3. I used to listen to her Sunday nights when I couldn't sleep. She's great.

  4. I bet she rocked you right to sleep, Zibbs. LOL