Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas Wish Lists...

I was browsing the web for gift ideas the other day when I came across a few rare gems. Thought you would enjoy.

This one is called "Albino Bowler Oil Painting" and can be found at http://www.mcphee.com/shop/products/Albino-Bowler-Oil-Painting.html

Now, this example is ridiculous and these kinds of things are too easy to find, so, just as a reference, these senseless gag gifts are NOT what I'm referring to when I say "who would buy that?" Mostly because I KNOW what kinds of people would buy this and I'm not friends with them.

I'm talking about things like this:
A Glasses Charm. I can understand shoes, etc, but...you love your glasses so much you want a miniature version on your wrist/neck? Really?

These babies come from India: Set of 2 Paper Mache Ornamental Bells (India). If someone gave these to me I'd probably giggle and say "Umm...thanks for the twin dicks. It's just what I wanted".

Now, this guy looks like he's having a great time in this leather jacket. It reminds me of a time at Casey's when I was about 22 and a 40+yr old man in a leather Looney Tunes jacket told me there was a VIP party at his place and I was invited. Yeah right, dude, that'll happen. Know why these are on clearance? Exactly. They are repulsive. I almost just had a seizure. It saddens me that there are people out there that a) design this and b) buy it. Seriously.

Those bags have completely thrown me off. I can't even finish this.

In summary, this holiday season remember to buy yourself and your friends things that are fashion savvy AND, if you must, functional. I received this very perfect example from a friend. A man some of us like to call Dr. Zibbs. Trust him, he's a doctor. Everyone you know will want one.


  1. Oooh. Thanks for the mention. I'll have you know that I own MANY McPhee products. In fact, many doubles and I give them away as gifts.

  2. ROFL! Good, then can I have the Albino Bowling oil painting? I've got the perfect spot for it.

  3. HAHAHAHA. And one more thing...the thing about the dude in the Loony Tunes jacket! HAHHAHHAHAHA.

    I used to make Disney and Loony Tunes stuff years ago and whenever I see someone wearing that crap...I just laugh my ass off!

  4. HAHHAHAHAHA!! I'm seriously laughing out loud and my ass of at the dude in the jacket!!!!!

  5. Hi. I saw this link from Twitter and..

    BUSTED! It's just me. Dr Zibbs.

  6. ROFL! I was like "OMG, 5 COMMENTS, WOOP!" Then I saw this mess. hahahahaah

    That dude was dead serious. haha And, just for clarification, when I was 21 I was thin and hot. There was NO WAY I was going home from the bar with a 40+ yr old dude in a LOONEY TUNES LEATHER JACKET. hahahaha The special at Casey's that night was $1 Domestics and he said "There's a $1 domestic VIP special at my place later and you're invited." ROFL!! Like I would PAY to continue to look at that ugly jacket all night. I'm pretty sure Betsy was there that night too.

  7. Oh and if you like that then you will love the ones my friend Mike found the other day:


    WTF is THIS??? LOL


    All I REALLY want is this (and I'm dead serious about it):


    I gotta give the guy credit for being so cocky. I picture him as a heavy "Larry" from 3's Company. You know..the guy that lived above them?

  9. Yeah, HAHA, He was a little bit like that. The face is fuzzy in my memory. I worked hard just to remember the important parts. LOL

  10. oh my goodness...this blog has just made my night :) hahhaha
    "thanks for the twin dicks" if i got that my reaction would be more like "there is no way im putting these dicks on MY TREE!" haahhhaha
    good to know...you dont want a snazy zebra peace sign purse, or "bell" ornaments form india...gosh youre so hard to buy for! haahhaaHAHHAH ROFL!

  11. ...and see the post I just wrote as a tibute to the Loony Tunes dude.

  12. ROFL - this really has made my shitty week that much better!! And yes Al, I do think I was there for the Looney Tunes guy...twin dicks LOL

    Zibbs, you were in my dream the other night...It was odd, you were a blue yak

  13. Betsy - lets hear the sexy details. Did I turn from an actual Blue Yak into a kick ass dude?

    Yeah. I did.

  14. I bet he turned from a blue yak to a man and then ran screaming because he thought he saw a wolf...or an ant...in the distance.

  15. LOL...actually you may have turned into a Jonas Brother...weird I know